Sauze d'oulx - 2003...

This trip was with my mate Steve. Steve and I met on a ski holiday he had arranged last year which was also to Sauze d'oulx.
Our flight was scheduled for 6 am which is a beggar of a time but it meant that by 11:30 we had arrived at our hotel which gave us the opportunity to have an afternoons skiing which was a bit of a bonus.
By 8 pm I was feeling somewhat knackered so I beggared off for an early night. Steve, understandably, was worried that this was a sign of things to come and that he'd be on his own in the evenings. He neednt have worried as I soon regained form.
The snow was good but we had a load of new snow during Monday evening and all day Tuesday. The sunshine was glorious and apart from nearly freezing our rocks off on the chair lifts it doesn't get much better.
We met some great people, notably four great lads from Southport and three lovely lasses from Bolton. (Sorry lads but for some reason I only have pictures of the girls!)
Those of you who were on last years trip to Sauze may well remember Lisa, the rep who had a crush on Steve. Well she was there again this year and when she spotted Steve she came over quicker than the Mens Downhill Champion. Needless to say I was made up, funnily enough the same could not be said for Steve!
Apart from falling on the very first run of the week, and once whilst doing a bit of off piste stuff, I managed to stay vertical. Well, there was the evening late on in a disco when I was advised to go home as I was falling asleep at the side of the dance floor. Oh, and then there was the very nasty incident I had when a chair lift got stuck up my backside and nearly split me in half!
I had a lesson, the first one in 10 years! This just confirmed that I have been accentuating my bad habits for years! The instructor even managed to teach me that there were other things to do with my recently acquired poles than use them to help me stand up in queues!
The lessons did me good and I thought I really skied well, even Steve, who is a much better skier than me, complemented me but he is a very generous man. Mind you, the snow was that good that my mother could have skied on it.
On of our targets for the week was to ski above 50 mph. This we did on the Friday when we managed 52.2 mph!
All in all a chuffin good week. Roll on Andorra in March!