Sauze d'oulx - 2002...

I went on this trip with 20+ people from Northwich Rowing Club. Before I went
I only knew a couple of the team but it soon became obvious that, with the possible exception of the odd Burnley fan, I was in the company of some top
end people.
The trip had been organised by Big Steve (I think he is called that because he's tall but I can't be sure) and what a brill job he had done. Everything went very well (except for poor Marcus who had to share a room with me!).
Our resort rep was the lovely Lisa (aka twin bum bags) and she served us well!
The chair lift definition is slightly different in Sauze:
A two man chair is known as a "One Lisa Lift",
a four man chair is known as a "Two Lisa Lift, and
a three man chair is known as a "Lisa After Lunch Lift".
The bubble lift was out of bounds!