It's a better place to be!

Sauze Injuries........

I was a great week for injuries. It all
started when Liz sprained her ankle
jumping off a table in a bar after one
days skiing. She didn't ski again! Mind
you she hadn't skied before so she
didn't know what she was missing.
Day two and Sammi decided that this
Italian woman no longer required the
use of her right arm and promptly broke
it for her! The Italian Lady threw a
curse on Sammi who went down like a
sack of shit on day 3 and broke her leg and
dislocated her ankle ripping most of her tendons in the process! Ouch! Don't mess with Italian witches is the lesson to be learned here I think.
As the week progressed the injuries were coming in thick and fast. Damaged backs, twisted knees, cuts, broken hearts (see Muff Magnet) bruises you name it, one of the team had it. Spare a thought for Johnny Boy, the poor bugger had an awful cold sore!

Sammi's Crash Scene