Pas de la Casa - 2001...

In January 2001 me and four mates from The Broken Cross, Rudheath, had a week skiing and boarding in Pas de la Casa, Andorra.
The team consisted of: Matthew, Neil, Oliver, Joel and me. The lads were aged 19 so I was more than double their age! The lads had a studio apartment which they converted in to a swamp and then proceeded to try and drink themselves to death! I on the other hand had a very nice hotel that did breakfast and an evening meal and provided clean towels on a regular basis. Needless to say the address of my hotel remained secret for the week.
Pas is a great place and we had a great week. The snow was good and there is plenty of piste to go at. The nightlife was top end too. Neil performed on the guitar in the Mars Bar to packed audiences on several occasions, Ollie gave up boarding, Joel gave up the only chance of any of us pulling all week, Matthew was "The Terminator" and I just seemed to throw up on every possible occasion! Great team! One of the highlights of the week happened one afternoon as we were all sat outside a mountain hut having a beer. A guy pulled up and fell over as he got out of his skis, at which point he mounted by a St. Bernard dog which proceeded to shag him to within an inch of his life. Look out for it on the picture pages. I'd never been to Andorra before but I sure would go again.