It's a better place to be!

New Years Eve - 2001 !!!!...

A great night was had by all who made it to the Bulls Head, Lymm on New Years Eve.
Music and Karaoke was provided by Chris, food by Fush (Chilli and Chocolate cake, yum, yum) and copious amounts of ale by Joe the taverner!
The place was chocker with top end nutters, some of them dressed up in 70's gear. Tim won the fancy dress but only because he was telling everyone to F**k Off and threatening them!
The quality of the Karaoke was superb. We were treated to the likes of Bing Crosby, Tom Jones and the girls were knocked completely bandy when Darius took to the stage! MC Fush keeping things under control throughout!

A great time was had by all.

These people are as mad as fish and to prove it have a look at the selection of photos.