I have been to Livigno, Italy, three times, 1998, 1999 and 2000.
All three trips were made with my very good friend Martin. I know it may
sound a bit boring going to the same resort three times on the trot but it
really is a great place and it suited Martin and I down to the ground.
Martin is a boarder whereas I ski as you will see if you go to the pictures page.
The slopes are good and varied, the nightlife is good (try Galli Pub if every you go there) and the five hour transfer tends to mean that there aren't many annoying sprogs around!
Livigno is a duty free resort so things tend to be a bit cheaper. It's a great
place to buy ski equipment and clothing.
I like it so much that seven mates from the Broken Cross, Rudheath, have allowed me to persuade them to have a week there in March 2002. Can't wait!