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Rosie's movements - 2002...

The year started in Lymm where I left Rosie for a week whilst I went skiing.
I then cruised to Broken Cross towards the end of February ready for my next skiing holiday in March with the lads from the Broken Cross.

I then had to get Rosie to Worsley Dry Dock for the beginning of April. There had been a breach of the canal at Anderton which would have stopped me making it to Worsley but fortunately British Waterways open the canal for a few days and Rosie and I made it through. Once Rosie had had her annual tarting up we went into Castlefield for a couple of weeks.

Because of the breach I couldnt get back to the Broken Cross so May and the
first half of June where spent moving between Castlefield and Lymm.

The last two weeks of June were my two weeks holiday. My mate Mel, who also lives on a boat, wanted to set off for Llangollen but because the canal was shut
at Anderton we couldnt. We decided to follow the same route that I had taken the previous year. We left Castlefield early on the Saturday morning to head up through Manchester on to the Peak forest Canal. We a three great days in Whaley Bridge before heading off down the Macclesfield Canal on to the Trent & Mersey and then on to the Caldon. We then went back on to the Trent & Mersey finishing up at the Broken Cross. A chuffin good time was had!
July and August were spent in my normal manner i.e. moving Rosie between Broken Cross and Castlefield taking in various points along the way.
I had a lovely weeks holiday in September. I set off with the intention of going up the Llangollen but on day 2 I moored up at Church Minshull and spent the week sat in the sunshine without moving!
The rest of the year was spent in between my usual haunts ending up at Broken Cross for Christmas.

Total Miles: 475 Total Locks: 129