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Rosie's movements - 2001...

Spent the winter at Broken Cross again but by the beginning of April I had made my first trip out to Lymm where I spent a week before going into dry dock at Worsley. Once Rosie had had her beauty treatment I cruised into Castlefield, Manchester for the first of many weeks I would spend there in 2001.
In May I had a slow cruise to Middlewich stopping off at Lymm and Broken Cross. I headed back to Lymm for a couple of weeks (The Bulls Head, Lymm,
was fast becoming a favourite watering hole). I spent the end of June and the the first three weeks of July in Castlefield. Manchester is a top end city for entertainment and I really enjoyed being able to moor up there. Plus there was the added bonus of only having a 10 minute walk to work!
At the end of July I set of on my now annual two week cruise which was a slight variation on the Cheshire Ring (see "Trip Notes" page).
I ended my holiday at Broken Cross where I spent a few weeks before heading to Lymm at the end of August. In September and October I split my time
between Lymm and Castlefield before heading back to Broken Cross for November.
In December I cruised to Lymm with the intention of having a couple of weeks there before going back to Broken Cross for New Years Eve. As it happened Rosie got frozen in and the New Year was let in at Lymm. A great time was had by all at the Bulls Head. (See "New Years Eve 2001" page for details and pictures).
Not a big lot of miles covered in 2001 but more places visited and more top end friends made.

Total Miles: 351 Total Locks: 130