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Rosie's movements - 1998...

I purchased Rosie on the 19th of September from a broker on the Trent & Mersey Canal near Northwich in Cheshire. As I was living near Skipton, in Yorkshire, I decided that it would be best if I cruised her up to Skipton for the winter.
It is a six day journey from Northwich to Skipton but I managed to spread it over six weeks! I had three weeks in Gargrave and it was during this period that I realised that living on Rosie was the life for me.
The winter of 1998/99 was interesting to say the least. Although I had a small
narrowboat prior to getting Rosie, there was so much to learn about when it came to living on a boat full time. I had great fun with the electrics, the stove, the central heating, the water system et cetera but nothing caused any great problems.
Most of the winter was spent at Skipton and Kildwick planning where I fancied cruising to in1999.

Total Miles 108
Total Locks 59